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Stampers - Secondary

25mm square stampers
These pre-inked and ready to use 25mm square stampers have been designed for use in secondary schools. Common marking messages with older designs will save you time and draw your pupils’ attention to how they can improve their work next time.

Stamper: Please Develop Your Reasons - Square 25mm
Stock Code - SQ13188
Price - £7.14 (inc VAT)
Stamper: Please include more detail! - Square 25mm
Stock Code - SQ13189
Price - £7.14 (inc VAT)
Stamper: Verbal Feedback - Square 25mm
Stock Code - SQ12750
Price - £7.14 (inc VAT)
Stamper: Even Better If - Square 25mm
Stock Code - SQ12754
Price - £7.14 (inc VAT)
Stamper: What Went Well - Square 25mm
Stock Code - SQ12755
Price - £7.14 (inc VAT)
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