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Stampers - Stamp Stacks

Self-Assessment Stamp Stacks
Stamp Stacks are pre-inked stampers that can be stacked together to save storage space. Buy a single stamp stack (click Add to Basket ) or alternatively, create a 3 High or a 5 High Stamp Stack by clicking the Add to Stack button next to the designs you’d like. The Stamp Stack you have selected will then appear in the slide out panel at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have the 3 or 5 designs of your choice appearing in the Stamp Stack Panel, just click on the orange Add to Basket button in the slide out panel to add your completed Stamp Stack to your basket.

NOTE: If a discount is shown, it applies only to the stamp when purchased singly. Stamps purchased in 3 high or 5 high stacks are already at reduced ‘multi-buy’ prices.

Stamp Stack: My Response Is
Stock Code - 13598
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: I worked by myself
Stock Code - 9409
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: My Teacher helped me
Stock Code - 9410
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: I had Support
Stock Code - 9411
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: I Understand
Stock Code - 9449
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: I Think I''ve got it but need Practice
Stock Code - 9450
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
Stamp Stack: This is Hard. Please Help Me
Stock Code - 9451
Price - £5.90 (inc VAT)
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